We provide treatments for:

  • Full body, permanent hair removal

  • Skin texture & smoothness rejuvenation

  • Reversing the effects of wrinkles, sun damage & skin redness

  • Controlling and reducing achene 

  • Reducing scaring & Birthmarks

  • Treatment to eliminate fats and toxins.

  • Treatment to eliminate and reduce cellulite.

  • Treatment to eliminate varicose veins.

  • Treatment for fluid retention.

  • Treatment of edema and lymphoedema.

  • Post-operative treatment after liposculpture.

See below for stunning before and after photos


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before and after ipl 2.webp
before and after ipl 2.webp

Results may vary from person to person

At Dalilah's Scissors, we use our State of the art Tahe system for hair removal, Pressotherapy & IPL photorejuvination. 

Hair removal

 Thanks to our laser technology, we are able to remove hair permanently, and painlessly, where ever you desire. 

Depending on your hair and skin type, we will tune the system for optimum results.

IPL Photorejuvenation

This process uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to penetrate layers of skin, restoring and  stimulating collagen growth, while softening the effects of blemishes.


The results speak for themselves. Many celebrities swear by the treatment, and now it is available to you!


Thanks to our Pressotherapy system, we are able to eliminate liquids, fats and toxins accumulated in the body by applying pressure to the desired area using the systems air sleeves 

Treatments are delivered by our highly qualified and highly experienced laser , beauty & nail technician.

Call and ask for Anam to begin the journey to your dream body 

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